Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Merely Reminisce...

Sometimes we can't have what we want no matter how hard we try. Like it or not you have to accept that your friendship is broken. 3 years can't guarantee that you already bond a great friendship among your friends. I said this based on experience. One of my friends, she and her bestie become friend for almost 10 yrs! Because of bad mouth and because of this Miss Agitate stir up plenty of trouble, the 10 yrs friendship destroyed just like that. Miss Agitate so powerful! And this 'powerful' girl also nearly shattered our friendship between my group and our bf's (boyfriends) group. She so double-faced! I and my friends wonder why she has that kind of intention towards us. We heard that this 'girl' quite freak and psycho. Whatever la darling...just do whatever you want but stay away from us. You can never break our relationship. Get a life! Alhamdullilah, we still stick together and love each other.

However, we can never predict what's gonna happen in future. I thought that when we further degree together, the relationship is getting closer unfortunately that is what not happen. It's happen vice versa. Again it's a 'GIRL' issue. Why?? Dyla dan Ajim adelah org yg plg terasa dlm hal nie..Knp?? This is how the story begin...i'll condensed it. Dyla is very close with kai compared to others but when this 'girl' emerge suddenly and i'd say she captured kai's heart, things started to change. At first I actually don't really bothered bout this problem as long as we can still hang out and lepak2 then it's ok with me. The crisis begin when, they start going out with that girl without telling us. We don't mind if he in love or wanna do wutever that he wants with that 'girl' but why he must hiding from us? That's so not him. That is why Dyla tend to be so 'hot' with him. There are so many misunderstanding between both party inc.ajim. The biggest problem occured when ajim and wan start arguing! Gosh! Our friendship slowly cracked at that moment. Kitaorg da x kua sama2, x lepak. Wan gn kai pn da jrg nk amik ak. Im in the middle. Tp aku salu gn dyla. Secara zahirnye org akn ckp aku sokong dyla. Hakikatnya dua2 pn ak syg. Masing2 ade slh dan silap tp ego memusnahkan segala2 nya..It can never be same anymore. Ajim not talking to them anymore. Live under one roof but act like not knowing each other. Aku, Dyla, Meen, Kai gn Wan satu klas. Kalo sblm ni group project kitaorg salu satu group tp tb2 da x sama. Quite obvious to others. And we feel a bit awkward too. We tried to bridging the gap but still can't. We do missed all the moment that we had with them but nothing we can do to mend it.

Siapa sangka, persahabatan selama 3 thn hancur sbb slh fhm, ego masing-masing. Sedih sangat sbnrnya. Aku xlah rapat sgt gn kai tp terasa jgk sbb salu gak kua gn dia..asl kua je times square..da xde tmpt lain dah..fav mapley dia? Al-Esfan. Setiap kali lalu kt times, mst igt kt dia..Hmm..knp la boleh jd cmni..How i wish i cud turn back time. Kitaorg sgt rapat ms kt Jengka. Sangat happy.bahagia.sedih.suka.duka.nakal.gila. Damn it! Rindunya!!!!!!!!!! ="((

Angel vs Demon

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