Thursday, May 14, 2009


A bit lazy to update my blog...time exam dl..rajin sgt..ari2 nk update...da abis exam mls pule..


- Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in this world esp to my beloved mom, a beautiful one... I Love You Ma! Sorry that I can't be with my family today celebrate mother's day..Today is my last paper, Communication...and this is the last time i will take my exam here in UiTM Shah Alam..=( Forget about the paper..Let's talk about my mom..She is my idol! I'd say i resemble much like her...kelam kabut, cpt panik, cerewet, sensitif, suka pendam perasaan...tu mmg sama gn Yana...I'll definitely will be like her in 10 yrs from now...accept for few things..she is vegetarian..Im totally NO! She love You wish! Ma boleh buat kek, pai, pizza n pape je yg sedap...Yana? Erm...cmne nk ckp komen...haha...I can cook but do things like that it really need time to sister mmg ikut perangai dia yg tu..I love my sis pny sponge cake! My mom da lama bersara dr bidang mmg sgt pndi la ak nk mewarisi kepakaran tu..everytime suh ajar ade je alasan..=( Tak kira mesin jahit kt umah tu akan ku pastikn menjadi milikku nnt! Byk btl kalo nk cite psl yg penting, no one can replace u...ur da best wpn ma gn ana salu majuk...

Ma, Selamat Hari Ibu!

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