Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lonely Paris...Cut To The Quick.

Dedicated to Pay,

Hey, really want me to put you in my blog right? There you go..hehe.. Pretty, when the broken hearts are mended and the many tears are dried, you learn. When you can get over him and realize you can live without him, you learn. You see Pay, the world doesn't end up just because you think it will and that sometimes growing up means letting go. You learn what real love is and you begin to see that one friend who really cares about you is better than a hundred friends who don't. You learn that you can be strong, take each day step by step and survive every sad moment. So feel the pain and cry the tears, go out and experience life. It easier said than done but keep on living, never give up and remember, as you grow, you learn! Let him and his new gf go to hell! It's ok darling, just let them be. What goes around comes around...

Listen Miss Lonely Paris, thank god that you finally know that he has someone else rather than he keep toying with your emotion. You pretty, smart...maybe he just not a right one for you sayang. It's hard to say this. 7 years not like 7 days but his already chose his own way and now it's your time to move on. Sometimes goodbye is a painful way to say I Love You. Another tips to mend your broken heart is, learn to forgive. Holding a grudge, clinging to the hurt and pain will just make you feel worse. You have to forgive. Once you have forgiven, there is space inside your heart to feel more you, more happiness and love.


  1. thanks babe.. ;(

  2. alala...
    jgn la sedey...
    cool babe..
    Upstairs one more time and bintang palace...hahaha..