Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love is in the air...lalala~

Mata ni tak tutup-tutup dr td...hmm...elok keje part time kt felda, jd penoreh getah..."haha"
Online fb...mmg cm haram! Mostly status masing2 mengutuk Man U..siap nk jdkn arini ari OFF sedunia meraikn kekalahan Man U...kelakar la..pela yg dorg jeles sgt gn Man U..cmne la kalo Man U yg ditakdirkn mng mlm td..mst 1001 satu mcm cite dorg akan pertikaikan..hmm..

Cerita aku ni xde mengena la gn tajuk post...dah taktau nk buat pe, g la main kuiz...

Quiz 1- Personality Love Style
The result:You desire a love that will last forever.You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

Quiz 2- Personality Do You Have
The result:Your kindness is your charm - you are also gentle and sweet. Everybody likes to be around people with your personality. Like a psychologist, people like to talk to you to discuss their problems because you are proper and discrete, as well as confident. You look mature and people respect you. People with this kind of character are few and far between.

Quiz 3- What does being a friend really mean to you?
The result: You value your friendships: 50%
You value your friendships quite a lot but you don't like to show your feelings to others. You would rather keep your feelings to yourself than share them with your friends. You might get a pleasant surprise if you are more open about caring for people - they will probably let you know that you're special to them, too.

Mmg la xde keje...mata da mula rs berat nie...last few days, I just found out and realized that I fall for someone...but it's pain to say, I have to let this feelings go...bye..


First of all, congrats to all Man U proud of you guys!! Double thumbs up! Malam ni bkn milik kita. Barca deserved it. Best team win! Tp Man U ttp yg terbaik dan terhebat pada Yana. Sebenarnya saat paling sedey bkn ketika pengadil meniup wisel penamat tp pada saat, Barca menjulang piala UEFA tu..syahdu kalo semua nk menang spe nk kalah? Malangnye Man U terpaksa akur dengan kehebatan Barca. TAPI ini tidak bermakna Man U x hebat cuma nasib x menyebelahi. Segalanya tak kena. Bermula dengan baik tp biasanya team yg selalu dpt byk peluang tp penyudahnya gagal, itu adalah tanda-tanda awal kekalahan..Mungkinkah silap Ferguson? Ini bukanlah masanya utk menyalahkan sesiapa. Que Sera Sera, what will be will be. Tiada siapa main utk kalah. Sape x sedey team kesygn kalah tp mlm ni, i felt so great! If you know the history, you will know how great they are. I know Man U history pretty well, their strength, their weakness so I don't care what others gonna say bout Man U. Sape2 yg nk kutuk2 tu, ur most welcome but think before you said..

Yana sgt cintakan Manchester United...
Rasa sedih tiba-tiba hilang...
Tadi tgk spai penyampaian hadiah kot...
Semangat kesukanan tu penting...
Kepada musuh-musuh Man U,
Cakap la ape korang nk cakap...arini hari korang...
Masa untuk tidur...
Tenang dalam kesedihan dan sedikit rs bangga...=)

Glory glory Man United (3x)
As the reds go marching up up up
Just like the busby days and days gone by
We'll keep red flags flying high
Your gonna see us all from far and wide
p/s: to chelsea, 'good luck'!
Good Night or Mornite? Insomnia haunted me. *sigh*...daa~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Life without memories? Nostalgia? Is it possible?

Please say yes!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too Little Too Late...

To my 'dearest' ex bf,

There's no more you and me.
What past is past...
Stop bringing up the old story
I don't bother
I don't give a shit anymore
If you messaging me to talk bout
What already happened and put it blamed on me
You better stop writting not even one words!
You said someone resemble like me
What a pathetic reason!
Maybe it's true but please...
I don't give a damn!
How could you believe them over me,
Im your girl now EX gf to be exact...
That's hurts me very deeply...
And I think I had strong reason to
Let go my past...
Im sorry dear, your my HISTORY...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eeriest Moment

Madness. Horror. Appal.

Im not trying to exeggarate the story in fact this is for real! Went to funfair at Bukit Jalil last 2 days gave me an 'awesome' experience which i hope that's gonna be the first and the last time I played one of the game there. That is my craziest moment I ever had in my life! Thanks GOD im still alive.

The "challenger" totally "killed" me that night.

Enough is enough. Mati hidup semula pun aku xkn naik dah...


To Ajim: Hey dude, never ever dare me again.

Dyla: Thanks for let me "vomitted" in your car. Hahaha. Im sorry babe, can't stand anymore.

* I'll upload the photo later...*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Merely Reminisce...

Sometimes we can't have what we want no matter how hard we try. Like it or not you have to accept that your friendship is broken. 3 years can't guarantee that you already bond a great friendship among your friends. I said this based on experience. One of my friends, she and her bestie become friend for almost 10 yrs! Because of bad mouth and because of this Miss Agitate stir up plenty of trouble, the 10 yrs friendship destroyed just like that. Miss Agitate so powerful! And this 'powerful' girl also nearly shattered our friendship between my group and our bf's (boyfriends) group. She so double-faced! I and my friends wonder why she has that kind of intention towards us. We heard that this 'girl' quite freak and psycho. Whatever la darling...just do whatever you want but stay away from us. You can never break our relationship. Get a life! Alhamdullilah, we still stick together and love each other.

However, we can never predict what's gonna happen in future. I thought that when we further degree together, the relationship is getting closer unfortunately that is what not happen. It's happen vice versa. Again it's a 'GIRL' issue. Why?? Dyla dan Ajim adelah org yg plg terasa dlm hal nie..Knp?? This is how the story begin...i'll condensed it. Dyla is very close with kai compared to others but when this 'girl' emerge suddenly and i'd say she captured kai's heart, things started to change. At first I actually don't really bothered bout this problem as long as we can still hang out and lepak2 then it's ok with me. The crisis begin when, they start going out with that girl without telling us. We don't mind if he in love or wanna do wutever that he wants with that 'girl' but why he must hiding from us? That's so not him. That is why Dyla tend to be so 'hot' with him. There are so many misunderstanding between both party inc.ajim. The biggest problem occured when ajim and wan start arguing! Gosh! Our friendship slowly cracked at that moment. Kitaorg da x kua sama2, x lepak. Wan gn kai pn da jrg nk amik ak. Im in the middle. Tp aku salu gn dyla. Secara zahirnye org akn ckp aku sokong dyla. Hakikatnya dua2 pn ak syg. Masing2 ade slh dan silap tp ego memusnahkan segala2 nya..It can never be same anymore. Ajim not talking to them anymore. Live under one roof but act like not knowing each other. Aku, Dyla, Meen, Kai gn Wan satu klas. Kalo sblm ni group project kitaorg salu satu group tp tb2 da x sama. Quite obvious to others. And we feel a bit awkward too. We tried to bridging the gap but still can't. We do missed all the moment that we had with them but nothing we can do to mend it.

Siapa sangka, persahabatan selama 3 thn hancur sbb slh fhm, ego masing-masing. Sedih sangat sbnrnya. Aku xlah rapat sgt gn kai tp terasa jgk sbb salu gak kua gn dia..asl kua je times square..da xde tmpt lain dah..fav mapley dia? Al-Esfan. Setiap kali lalu kt times, mst igt kt dia..Hmm..knp la boleh jd cmni..How i wish i cud turn back time. Kitaorg sgt rapat ms kt Jengka. Sangat happy.bahagia.sedih.suka.duka.nakal.gila. Damn it! Rindunya!!!!!!!!!! ="((

Angel vs Demon

Putus sudah kasih sayang...


Kisahnya bermula dr main MIRC ms kt jengka. Aku tertarik gn satu nama kt list chatters tue. 'Ed'. Nama cm mat salleh. Haha.. Bila da chat2 br la tau Ed ni bdk ldg.. not bad la jgk. Not like other chatters. Aku salu kutuk english dia sbb dia suka ckp ayt terbalik. Pening. Tp bila ak bkk friendster dia, bc blog kt friendster dia, mak aih...aku kena bkk kamus cari mksd perkataan yg dia guna..superb seyh english mamat nie..Sorry Ed, I underestimate u... Nama btl Ed nie...Zahid. Ed tu nama cari makan. Hahaha..Kitaorg mula2 kwn kt chat room jela. Kalau bkn sbb kak Dila gn Mud, rs nya spai arini kot ak x kwn gn za8 nie. Mud, kwn za8 nie baek gn kak Dila, classmate ak. Ak terserempak gn Mud kt psr rabu. Mula2 tu mmg segan gile nk tgr dia tp kak Dila la yg tlg. Then si Mud ni mtk no ak. Serba slh gak nk bg tp xpe la. Few days lps tu, ad no x knl kol blk br la tau, za8 rupanye..Kalau korg nk tau, bkn dia yg miskol tp Mud! Za8 ni pemalu orgnye..pemalu sgt. First time jmp dia pn bkn berdua ye tp bertiga.. hahaha..Kelakar la bila terigt blk.. Setiap jmp mst dia akn bwk kwn. Mula2 tu cm pelik pn ade tp x ksh pn. Bila berdua rs kekok pule. Disbbkn dia salu bwk kwn dia jmp ak, dr situlah ak stat knl kwn2 dia. Faiq, Imran, Mike, Mud, Jack, Man kambing, Naufal, Iji, Nan. Dorg ni jela kwn2 ladang ak since ak kt jengka slma 3 thn. Senior dorg adelah 2,3 je yg ak knl. Pengalaman yg plg xleh lupa time aku lpk gn dorg ms kristal. Ak sorg je ppuan, yg lain sume bdk2 ldg, ramai pule tu..seram sejuk jugak la sbnrnye...Skrg nie nk cite sket psl kwn2 dia...

1. FAIQ- Dia nie aku stat notice ms ak praktikal kt Medec. Dia skt mata time tu. Ak tgk kad dia, br la ku tau dia ni sekampung gn ak..kerek gak dia ni.. Sampai skrg ak igt lg ayat dia ms lepak mkn skali gn dorg, "Ko xpe ke mkn pakai tgn, yela budak OM kn mn bese mkn pakai tgn.." Sinis sggh kata2 mu itu Faiq. Ak agk rapat gn dia ni dlm byk2 kwn za8. Budak yg x bpe nk matang, faiq la org nya. Emo lebey, ego. Nk usha ppuan cantik, sexy jer..yg ptg nk usha dak OM jer..hmm.. Ak xtau dia sokong club mn sbnrnye..kjp Chelsea, pastu Arsenal pule, jap g Liverpool plak..ssh kalo lalang nie.. Tp faiq ak ttp syg ko.. Bufday dia 24/3/88.

2. IMRAN- Imran..knl dia time study week. Imran ni cute, muka jambu.. Lahir pd 30/10/88 kot..hehe..duk kt klang.Antara bdk ldg yg plg kacak kot...Kalo imran bc tlg la jgn perasan yer..mintak tlg sgt..Dia nie x byk ckp kalo kt luar tp kalo dlm tepon, mulut cm pompuan! Jmp kt luar muka sombong. Dua persamaaan antara kitaorg, kami adelah fan Man U! Yeay! Yg kedua nye, kami suka men teka-teki tp Imran suka men tipu. Suka putar belit jwpn. Benci. One thing yg ak igt sal mamat nie, dlm hp dia ade lagu Elyana! Kalo lagu yg popular xpe tp yg cm pelik2 sket..haha..xpelah..telinga kita ni lain2..Mulut dia ni mmg laser..bak kata za8, bese lah mulut ppuan. Haha..

3. MIKE- Sbb mike la aku buat post nie...kalo mike x bc mmg mike jht! Dia lah yg salu jd peneman za8 setiap kali jmp ak. Teman tapi mesra za8..di mana ade za8, di situ la ade mike. Tanpa Mike spe la za8. Mike syg Za8, Za8 syg Mike. Mereka saling syg menyayangi satu sama lain. Jeles btl gn kemesraan dorg lagi nk ckp sal Mike ni yer..Hmm..Mike adelah mike. Mike adelah firdaus dan firdaus adelah mike. Dilahirkn pd 25/3/88 di mn tu kurang pasti tp dia tggl di Kuantan.

4. MUD- Kenal mud ni bese2 jer...comel.dia duk kt Bangi. Sampai skrg x pnh pg lg kedai dia kt Bangi tu..Mud lahir kt phg pd 29/12/88. Maaflah kalo slh. Dia rapat gn faiq. Tu jela kot yg ak tau psl Mud nie..sbb kami mmg x rpt.

Last but not least, Zahid...Unpredictable. Enigma. Special. That's it. I can tell you every single things about him but I dun want. Mengenali mereka2 nie adelah satu memori yg seronok tuk di ingati TAPI korang kalo nk kwn gn dak2 ladang mmg kena byk bersabar dr segi mental dan emosi krn mereka sgt laser yer..ak sendiri kdg2 xthn gak. Sakit hati, sakit telinga...Pape pn..nice to know you guys!

p/s: to man kambing gn jack, bl nk jd bodyguard yana lg? haha..

Happy Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers, lecturers, sifus, lao tze...Thank you..I just wish few of my lecturers..Ok lorh..Smlm Along bitau dia dpt jd lecturer kt GMI, Bangi..Can't believe it but it's true..Mst boring spe jd student dia..hehe..Pensyarah slh satu kerjaya idaman aku..since i was in school..I love teaching so much! Mungkin sbb pengaruh dr makcik2 kot..ramai jugak cuzin, aunty yg jd cikgu, pensyarah..even my parents dulu pn pnh jd cikgu sementara zaman darah pendidik tu mmg da ada dlm badan kot..

Menjadi seorang pendidik bukanlah satu tugas yg mudah. Kerjaya pendidik adalah satu bidang yg sgt mulia. From my point of view, teaching is not all about giving mark, finish all the syllabus, writting paper, nagging, scolding. Teaching is not something like this:

"Ok student, open your text book, page bla bla bla..."
"Read the passage and I want you to do the exercise on page bla bla bla...."
"Please submit your assignment before bla bla bla..."
"Check your carry marks at my room..."
"Good Luck for your final..."

At the end of the semester, do you think that your student really understand what did you taught in your class? Yes, they might get flying colors result but do they really get the input from the subject? Maybe certain or most of them just memorized to pass the exam and just few of them understand thoroughly about the subject. A good teacher or lecturer should be this way:

"Ok, I want you to read the passage first and i'll explain to you later, if you dun understand, please raise up your hand..."
"If you have any problems, please come and see me. I'll do my best to help you..."
"Sharing is caring, if I did anything wrong, let me know..."
"I want to help all of you get a good marks so I would like to give you few assignment..."
"I love my students and I always pray for your success. All the best in your final..."

Kita nak ajar org ni kena la bersungguh-sungguh dan lakukan sesuatu biarlah dari hati. Baru lah ape yg kita ajar tu sampai kt org tu. Bukan la pegi claz, duk 2 jam tp x phm pape. Time exam baru lah sebok nk hafal. Maknanya ape yg diajar tu kita xtau dan x minat nk tau. Mungkin bukan slh lecturer, mungkin krn student tu sdri yg x minat. My personal opinion, cara seseorg lecturer tu mengajar mmg bg impact dan mempengaruhi minat student tuk blja. Mesti korang pnh lalui jgk pengalaman gn lecturer2 yg bosan. Lagi2 kalo subject tu 2 jam ke, adui, penat seyh nk tggu dia abis mengajar. Ini bukanlah sesi mengumpat lecturer yer. Sekadar mengimbas kembali. Aku ttp menghargai setiap ilmu yg dicurahkan wpn ade subjek yg spai skrg ak x phm. Maaf lah...Mereka dah memberikan yg terbaik tuk anak2 murid mereka. Tugas mereka dah selesai. Kalau ada pn yg mereka x sampaikan biarlah itu menjadi urusan mereka dan DIA.



- Im goin home to the place where i belong...yeah..I'm home everybody..sounds like I'm from London or somewhere far from Malaysia whereas I just came back from Shah Alam..Mesti sume happy kita blk SBB lps nie ade lah org yg nk menguruskn la bgs sgt kn yana nie..haha..Ala kena jd bibik... =( Tp bkn berbakti kt org lain pn kt family sdri je pn. So nothings wrong with that right?

- Hmm..gets up early this morning. Awal tak awal sgt la kn..huhu...After a refreshing bath and enjoying my breakfast, get ready to do my 'job'. After one hour homes are spring-cleaned and spruced up. Yeay! Tiba la ms tuk masak2 plak.. Da lama sbnrnye x pegang kuali, senduk nie..last pn mgu lps kot..still can remembered dyla's face ate my telur kari..she was forced to ate the food..hahaha..Sory dyla! I hope im still at my very best when it comes to cooking...Rasa bgga sgt bila akim ckp,"Ana, ko msk mmg sedap la..." Thank you adikku...Muah.Aku masak fav dia plak aritu, mmg la dia suka..

- Selamat Hari Jururawat Donna! We missed you so much la syg..bila nk dtg KL..'rawat' la kwn2 mu di sini pule.. Hope you doing ok with all the psychiatric patients at Tg, Rambutan. Jgn donna nnt yg gile da lah..haha..

Thursday, May 14, 2009


A bit lazy to update my blog...time exam dl..rajin sgt..ari2 nk update...da abis exam mls pule..


- Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in this world esp to my beloved mom, a beautiful one... I Love You Ma! Sorry that I can't be with my family today celebrate mother's day..Today is my last paper, Communication...and this is the last time i will take my exam here in UiTM Shah Alam..=( Forget about the paper..Let's talk about my mom..She is my idol! I'd say i resemble much like her...kelam kabut, cpt panik, cerewet, sensitif, suka pendam perasaan...tu mmg sama gn Yana...I'll definitely will be like her in 10 yrs from now...accept for few things..she is vegetarian..Im totally NO! She love You wish! Ma boleh buat kek, pai, pizza n pape je yg sedap...Yana? Erm...cmne nk ckp komen...haha...I can cook but do things like that it really need time to sister mmg ikut perangai dia yg tu..I love my sis pny sponge cake! My mom da lama bersara dr bidang mmg sgt pndi la ak nk mewarisi kepakaran tu..everytime suh ajar ade je alasan..=( Tak kira mesin jahit kt umah tu akan ku pastikn menjadi milikku nnt! Byk btl kalo nk cite psl yg penting, no one can replace u...ur da best wpn ma gn ana salu majuk...

Ma, Selamat Hari Ibu!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kau dan Aku

Kau dan aku
Dua dunia kita berbeza...

Antara kita terlalu sukar tuk mencari persamaan...
Umpama bumi dan langit...
Malu untuk menyatakan yg ak pernah menyimpan perasaan terhadap kau...
Layakkah aku?

Sedar 'batasan' yg wujud antara kau dan aku.
Aku sentiasa mengingatkan diri aku di mana 'kau' di mana 'aku'...
Setahun mengenali kau, masih byk yg ak xtau...
Bukan senang memahami lelaki spt kau...
Yang terlalu sukar untuk di ramal...
Yang kadang-kadang memeningkan kepala aku...

Tetapi,hati tak pernah menyukai lelaki lain
Wpn Ada yg berganda-ganda lebih baik dari kau...
Cinta itu buta? Atau aku yg buta?
Entah lah...kedua-duanya berkemungkinan..
Mungkin kau tahu aku menyukai kau...

Tetapi kau malas nk amik pusing...
Ada apa dengan cinta? perasaan?
Buang masa kan?
Hati dan perasaan bukan barang mainan...
Datang tanpa dipaksa...
sayang aku seolah-olah dipermainkan oleh kau..
Secara sengaja atau tidak, hanya kau yg tahu...
'Permainan'kau dan kawan-kawan kau membunuh perasaan aku..

Rasa sayang makin hilang...
Sikap kau terhadap aku juga dah jauh berubah..
Kau atau aku yang cuba melarikan diri?
Aku pernah mencuba tp gagal...
Tangan ni laju je mendial nombor kau...
Kepala ni cepat je igt segala benda yg berkaitan dgn kau...
Hati ni sentiasa je ada ruang kemaafan buat kau...
Besar sungguh kuasa kau terhadap aku...

Sekali pn aku x pernah ada tempat dlm hati kau
Walaupun sbg seorang kawan, hormatilah perasaan aku..
Kau sedar dan kau tahu aku sayangkan kau...
Atau kau tak pernah tahu?
Tak kisah kalo kau baca dan kau tahu
Kaulah org nye...aku nak kau tahu,
Mmg btl aku pnh suka kt kau dan aku syg kt kau..
Tp aku tak pasti kalo spai saat ini aku masih
menyayangi kau...

"Berbeza berbeza
Kau dan aku berbeza
Kita mmg tak serupa..."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Luka Dilukai

Sesungguhnya Tuhan sangat menguji hatimu Yana...

Adakalanya kita perlu MENANGIS agar kita tahu hidup
ini bukan sekadar KETAWA...dan adakalanya kita perlu
KETAWA agar kita tahu mahalnya nilai airmata, bersyukur
pada yang menyakitkan kamu kerana dia yang MENABAHKAN
kamu, bersyukur pada yang TAK MENGENDAHKAN kamu
kerana dia yg memupuk kamu BERDIKARI, bersyukur pada org
yang MENJATUHKAN kamu kerana dia org yg MEMPERHEBATKAN
kemampuan kamu, bersyukur pada org yg MENYIKSA kamu kerana
dia yg menguji KESABARAN dan KETABAHAN kamu...

Kata-kata sebegini mmg senang utk diungkapkan...
Tiada salahnya..semua nya benar belaka tp mudahkah
kita untuk melakukannya?
Bila hati terluka, hati disakiti
semudah itu kah utk dilupakan?
Mana perginya insan yg bergelar 'sahabat', 'kawan', 'member'
saat kita memerlukan mereka?
Kisahkah mereka terhadap kita?
Kadang-kadang terasa diri menjadi mangsa keadaan...
Tiada pihak yang perlu di persalahkan...
Mungkin kita sendiri yg perlu menilai dan muhasabah diri...
Andai kata-kata yg sedap didengar dpt mengubati luka
Mengurangkan rasa kesakitan....

Airmata gugur lagi...dan lagi...Berhenti menangis yana...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Double thumbs up for Man U! Yeah!
Glory Glory Man United! Glory Glory Man United!

Regardless about what people said. They know nothing about Man U.
Too early to celebrate but at least, my biggest rival and FOREVER, chelsea their journey is over! See you next season..if ur lucky to get into the final..ahaks!

Let's sing and dance together!

Glory Glory Man United(3x)

As the reds go marching up up up!

Just like the busby days and days gone by

We'll keep the red flags flying high

Your gonna see us all from far and wide

Your gonna hear the Mans that sing with pride

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hate But...?

I hate the way you look at me
I hate the way you smile at me
I hate the way you talk to me
I hate the way you try to fool me
I hate the way you try to make fun of me
I hate the way you tell stories about me to your friends
I hate the way you always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry
But i hate the way i don't hate you...
* I think you know who you are*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Make a clean breast of a matter

Things that make me happy:

- My phone back to "normal". Thank you Nokia syg. You save my money. Im kayap already. Hahaha.

- One more paper to go. Yeay!

- Going home tomorrow after almost one month staying in Shah Alam. Miss abah, angah, adik alot! I just met mom last week. But of cuz i do missed you mom.

Things that make me sad:

- Nuqman will leave gonna miss youuuuuuuuuuuu! Sedeyyyy....

- I feel longing for someone. Unfortunately that person, won't realize everything that i've done or i felt towards him.. Hati batu kah dia?

- Still can't accept the fact that we gonna move to Puncak Alam next semester! Back to "Hutan Jengka Junior". No entertainment. Boring!

Things that happen today:

- Guess what everybody, for the first time in my life i've never done this 'shit' things, im seating for final exam without taking my shower! Can you guys imagine that? No kidding. This is serious matter. Woke up at 815 am..paper at 900 am..Thank God for wake me up. The worst things is, my phone is silent. 4 missed call from Min n Ajim. Promise to myself, this is the first and the last time. For 3 hours, rs diri cm kambing..hahaha..

- My "ABC" is coming. Feeling dizzy and back pain. Taking my painkiller, as usual..and it's work very fast. Yeah, i know the long term effect but what else i can do?

Panggilan Maut

Bila number mak appear kt screen hp, suka sgt. Malang nya apabila pggln di jwb dan suara mak bertukar jd lelaki that must be ALONG. Oh, no! There must a list of question that he want to ask. Had a short conversation with along.

Along: Kt mana?

Me: Kt umah. (nasib baik ad kt umah..huu..)

Along: Dah mkn?

Me: Dah.

Along: When is your next paper?

Me: Ari ahad.

Along: Dah bpe paper amik?

Me: 4.

Along: How's everything?

Me: Hmm..boleh la..

Along: Ape yg boleh lah?

Me: Boleh la buat.. (loya buruk la plak kn?)

Along: Boleh la buat tu A ke A- ke ape?

Me: Ade yg boleh score A ade yg cm B je..

Along: Ooo..ade yg A ade yg B..Make sure ok ye .(Maknanye dia nk A sume la tu)

Me: Insyaallah.

Fuh! Lega. Tak susah pn soalan dia tp nervous nye lain mcm btl..he always giving me pressure. I know he love and care alot about me. Thanks.

Lonely Paris...Cut To The Quick.

Dedicated to Pay,

Hey, really want me to put you in my blog right? There you go..hehe.. Pretty, when the broken hearts are mended and the many tears are dried, you learn. When you can get over him and realize you can live without him, you learn. You see Pay, the world doesn't end up just because you think it will and that sometimes growing up means letting go. You learn what real love is and you begin to see that one friend who really cares about you is better than a hundred friends who don't. You learn that you can be strong, take each day step by step and survive every sad moment. So feel the pain and cry the tears, go out and experience life. It easier said than done but keep on living, never give up and remember, as you grow, you learn! Let him and his new gf go to hell! It's ok darling, just let them be. What goes around comes around...

Listen Miss Lonely Paris, thank god that you finally know that he has someone else rather than he keep toying with your emotion. You pretty, smart...maybe he just not a right one for you sayang. It's hard to say this. 7 years not like 7 days but his already chose his own way and now it's your time to move on. Sometimes goodbye is a painful way to say I Love You. Another tips to mend your broken heart is, learn to forgive. Holding a grudge, clinging to the hurt and pain will just make you feel worse. You have to forgive. Once you have forgiven, there is space inside your heart to feel more you, more happiness and love.


saya SANGAT sedih!

macam mana nie?

someone plz cheer me up...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goodbye April & Welcome May!


- Quite nervous atm..hehe..I think im prepared enuf for this paper, Special Business Function.Hopefully, the question not that tough like other past year question. Amin.. Never forget your color! will loose mark if you don't bring your color said kindergarten teacher.haha.. Juz tiring of color2 part in this paper..but it really helps you to score. Once i get the paper, i look at the question. Thank God! The question is the easier compared to the previous semester. With God bless, Alhamdulillah, I can answer this paper very well. Insyaallah, I can score A for this subject. Amin...

With my 'rival' after da paper...

Dyla always posing like a porn star..hahaha..


- The plan today, we want to play ice skating but not enuf upset...only me and dyla so excited to crack the ice, the others jus wanna watch and laugh..boring! Stay at home, doing nothing..sleeping..yana, yana..ur really wasting your time..well, im not the type of students who can revise the next paper after finished one paper. Different people different style and approach. Getting frustrated can't go for ice skating, me and dyla decide to watch the movie. X-men Origin, Wolverine! Yeay! Another way to waste your money..hahaha.. Great movie! Enuf said. Dinner at Pak Li before the movie start. Supper at KFC sek.2...Im hot in 'red' tonite..haha...Man U spirit even tho im not watching...Deep inside I know Man U can win..Glory Man U!

'Hot' in red!


- We ended the last day of April at Downtown Cheras. That was my first time. Wow! The price is more cheaper than Uptown Shah Alam. But it's too far to go there. Not too far actually. Always exaggerate things...hehe..Again, we a strayed! Waniey shud be blamed! Hahaha..she was brought up in Cheras since 87'. How come she can't remember? Waniey..waniey..too much fat in your body till you can't memorize things huh? Hahahaha..sorry sayang! Juz kidding. You always pretty but you really need to maintain your weight otherwise you'll be like ajim...SORRY Ajim! Haha..I bet u dun read my blog..Hmm..luckily I only have RM 30 in my wallet, if not, I dunno how much i will spent that nite..Mom's right, I am a spendthrift! Sent waniey back home..then we all go back to Shah Alam..

- I can't sleep... I asked Za8 to accompany me but his busy karaoke with his frens..I need to wait till 33o am to talk to him..All this cause by 'Keliwon'. The last episode is very frightened and horror. Tak tgk pn cuma nmpk dr jauh je ms kt medan selera tp efek dia, mak aih, masih ku terbayang. Scary!

With waniey at medan selera..
Red again!


-Welcome May! Happy Labor Day! Pity waniey..she need to work while others sleeping..haha..she's working for Singapore HSBC..but no double payment for her..too bad darling.. Happy Bufday also to my ex...hahaha..thanks to fairuz's for remind me 'his' bufday..How come his ex doesn't remember. Actually I dun wanna know every single things about him anymore..We are finished and it's over 1 yrs ago. Today also is 'Sleeping Day' for yana! Im not in the good mood today! I felt so sad...sob...sob...i will miss you Nuqman.


Why do we always forget what we want to remember and remember what we want to forget? It's hard to move on when you have been broken. Why do wait until it is too late? Why do we let someone else have what we were too scared to reach out and take?

Heartbreaking. Very painful.