Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goodbye April & Welcome May!


- Quite nervous atm..hehe..I think im prepared enuf for this paper, Special Business Function.Hopefully, the question not that tough like other past year question. Amin.. Never forget your color! will loose mark if you don't bring your color said kindergarten teacher.haha.. Juz tiring of color2 part in this paper..but it really helps you to score. Once i get the paper, i look at the question. Thank God! The question is the easier compared to the previous semester. With God bless, Alhamdulillah, I can answer this paper very well. Insyaallah, I can score A for this subject. Amin...

With my 'rival' after da paper...

Dyla always posing like a porn star..hahaha..


- The plan today, we want to play ice skating but not enuf upset...only me and dyla so excited to crack the ice, the others jus wanna watch and laugh..boring! Stay at home, doing nothing..sleeping..yana, yana..ur really wasting your time..well, im not the type of students who can revise the next paper after finished one paper. Different people different style and approach. Getting frustrated can't go for ice skating, me and dyla decide to watch the movie. X-men Origin, Wolverine! Yeay! Another way to waste your money..hahaha.. Great movie! Enuf said. Dinner at Pak Li before the movie start. Supper at KFC sek.2...Im hot in 'red' tonite..haha...Man U spirit even tho im not watching...Deep inside I know Man U can win..Glory Man U!

'Hot' in red!


- We ended the last day of April at Downtown Cheras. That was my first time. Wow! The price is more cheaper than Uptown Shah Alam. But it's too far to go there. Not too far actually. Always exaggerate things...hehe..Again, we a strayed! Waniey shud be blamed! Hahaha..she was brought up in Cheras since 87'. How come she can't remember? Waniey..waniey..too much fat in your body till you can't memorize things huh? Hahahaha..sorry sayang! Juz kidding. You always pretty but you really need to maintain your weight otherwise you'll be like ajim...SORRY Ajim! Haha..I bet u dun read my blog..Hmm..luckily I only have RM 30 in my wallet, if not, I dunno how much i will spent that nite..Mom's right, I am a spendthrift! Sent waniey back home..then we all go back to Shah Alam..

- I can't sleep... I asked Za8 to accompany me but his busy karaoke with his frens..I need to wait till 33o am to talk to him..All this cause by 'Keliwon'. The last episode is very frightened and horror. Tak tgk pn cuma nmpk dr jauh je ms kt medan selera tp efek dia, mak aih, masih ku terbayang. Scary!

With waniey at medan selera..
Red again!


-Welcome May! Happy Labor Day! Pity waniey..she need to work while others sleeping..haha..she's working for Singapore HSBC..but no double payment for her..too bad darling.. Happy Bufday also to my ex...hahaha..thanks to fairuz's for remind me 'his' bufday..How come his ex doesn't remember. Actually I dun wanna know every single things about him anymore..We are finished and it's over 1 yrs ago. Today also is 'Sleeping Day' for yana! Im not in the good mood today! I felt so sad...sob...sob...i will miss you Nuqman.

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