Wednesday, May 20, 2009



- Im goin home to the place where i belong...yeah..I'm home everybody..sounds like I'm from London or somewhere far from Malaysia whereas I just came back from Shah Alam..Mesti sume happy kita blk SBB lps nie ade lah org yg nk menguruskn la bgs sgt kn yana nie..haha..Ala kena jd bibik... =( Tp bkn berbakti kt org lain pn kt family sdri je pn. So nothings wrong with that right?

- Hmm..gets up early this morning. Awal tak awal sgt la kn..huhu...After a refreshing bath and enjoying my breakfast, get ready to do my 'job'. After one hour homes are spring-cleaned and spruced up. Yeay! Tiba la ms tuk masak2 plak.. Da lama sbnrnye x pegang kuali, senduk nie..last pn mgu lps kot..still can remembered dyla's face ate my telur kari..she was forced to ate the food..hahaha..Sory dyla! I hope im still at my very best when it comes to cooking...Rasa bgga sgt bila akim ckp,"Ana, ko msk mmg sedap la..." Thank you adikku...Muah.Aku masak fav dia plak aritu, mmg la dia suka..

- Selamat Hari Jururawat Donna! We missed you so much la syg..bila nk dtg KL..'rawat' la kwn2 mu di sini pule.. Hope you doing ok with all the psychiatric patients at Tg, Rambutan. Jgn donna nnt yg gile da lah..haha..

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