Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eeriest Moment

Madness. Horror. Appal.

Im not trying to exeggarate the story in fact this is for real! Went to funfair at Bukit Jalil last 2 days gave me an 'awesome' experience which i hope that's gonna be the first and the last time I played one of the game there. That is my craziest moment I ever had in my life! Thanks GOD im still alive.

The "challenger" totally "killed" me that night.

Enough is enough. Mati hidup semula pun aku xkn naik dah...


To Ajim: Hey dude, never ever dare me again.

Dyla: Thanks for let me "vomitted" in your car. Hahaha. Im sorry babe, can't stand anymore.

* I'll upload the photo later...*

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