Friday, August 28, 2009

Maafkan Kami...

Miss Hazira, Event Advisor

We never meant to hurt and break your heart...
Maybe this is the process of learning for both of us...
Maybe we are still in a proses of 'knowing' each other...
We are your first event group and that is
the sentimental value between us...
We appreciated everything that you've done for us.
Your time, your touch, your advices.
Sorry that we make your love towards Ombak faded.
Truly sorry...

We love you...

She's crying...

She's speechless.


Gadis-gadis Ombak.

Boleh tahan bodyguard 2 org tue...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rasa Memiliki

Khas kpd peminat Khalil Gibran..

Cinta yang terbatas menuntut rasa memiliki
dari Sang Kekasih,
tetapi cinta yang tak terbatas hanya
menuntut dirinya sendiri.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Girl Gone Bad

I am not myself anymore.
I've changed!
Totally change.
This is not what I wanted to be.

Im trying to find 'myself' back.
What used to be “good days” are now filled with dismay.
Tomorrow comes, and then again, it goes
All I’ve ever wanted was something to live for
I don’t want to be this 'bad girl' anymore.
I've been busy concern about others feelings
I wish I could go back and redo everything
I've fought to become who I am and what I want to be
I've to remind my self that one day, I will be free.

I do feel that I am useless, sometimes
Yes it is.
I do what Im not suppose to do
Just because Im afraid that
Im gonna hurt the other side.
Regardless my own feelings.
And by doing this,
My thoughts only get more complicated and deepen.

I need to be free
So I can see all I can see
I don't want to be locked up
I think I had enuff with myself.
I can't bear anymore.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hatiku, jagalah rahasia cintamu dan
sembunyikanlah rahasia itu dari mereka
yang melihat.

Dan engkau akan memperoleh nasib yang
lebih baik.

Mereka yang mengungkapkan rahasia
dianggap sebagai orang bodoh;
kesunyian dan kerahasiaan sungguh
jauh lebih baik dari orang yang
jatuh cinta.

Nukilan: Khalil Gibran.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Merdekakah Kita?

7 days more to go then Malaysia's will celebrate the 52th independence day.

Kalau ckp psl merdeka nie, of course lah time sekolah plg best! Koir! Tu jela aktiviti yg aku join dan aktif. Ketar lutut ke menggigil ke, nak tak nak nyanyi jela Yana. Bkn men payah lg kalau nk suh ak nyanyi solo kt atas pentas. Haha. And bila merdeka nie, kenangan time sekolah adalah yg plg di ingati. Thanks Nad! Garang kot Nadia jd leader time tu. Hahaha.. Cikgu Jason antara org yg berjaya pengaruh aku nyanyi time tu..tu pun sbb duet gn Amirul. Kalau tak, jgn harap lah.. Anxiety disoder la jwbnya. Walaupun koir k'org biasa2 je tp sgt seronok. Terasa lah semangat patriotik tu ada dlm diri. Masa tu budak lg. Tak ssh nk pupuk jiwa patriotik tu berbanding dgn skrg.

Zaman makin moden, fikiran kita semua mmg 'terlebih' moden. Negara dah merdeka 52 thn, ttpi moden dr segi apa? Pakaian? Dari segi pakaian kita mmg dah sama taraf je gn barat. Lg dasyat pun ada. Makanan? Minuman? Nie yg plg hebat. Kita terlalu moden sampai halal gn haram pn dah x tau nk beza.. Kalau ditegurkan, ckp kita ni kolot,ulu. Oh ok? Lagu? Movie? Rasanya tak perlu nk diterangkn lg..korang bleh pikir dan nilai sendiri kot. =) Aku bkn lah nk ckp aku ni patriotik gile babas kn tp at least masih ada budaya dan adat resam dulu2 yg aku x pnh lupa. Tapi bila aku buat, org ckp aku 100thn ke belakang. Whatever! Mindset kita nie kena ubah. Kalau dah merdeka 100thn pn tp pemikiran kita masih mentah...hmm..pikir dan renungkan lah..

Relevankah kita dengan bangganya menyatakan kita sememangnya 'merdeka'? Buktikan kita seorang Malaysia yg benar-benar merdeka.

Happy Independence Day !

Friday, August 21, 2009

For My Bruno!

Happy Birthday Fairuz!
Always cute like Bruno!
Nothing much I can say...
Pinjam ayat fye jap...
U love BLUE.
I love PINK.
U love SPICY.
I love SWEET.
U love 'HIM'
I love 'HIM' too..

Geng Ninja Turtle.

Apa saja lah gaya aku...

Tak ckp lg sorang..muhaini..

Gambar terbaik!!!!!!!

I love you...;)

Life !@#$%^&*!

Dimulakan dgn serangkap pantun...

Dari Mekah kita ke Sudan,
Selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan.
(versi formal)

Mai pi Penang mkn laksa,
Selamat berpuasa!
(versi catchy)

Kalau ada yg rasa2 nya nk bls pantun, silakan..;))

I wish things would be easy, and that life would please me
Seeing people smile, making things worth while...
People see me laugh and they think I'm happy,
Well, I feel crappy not happy!
I hide my sadness behind laughs and smiles
To make people believe, I have to go miles
My family and friends keep me breathing
Their happiness and joy is somehow healing
Before I start fasting, I feel like cursing
Life somehow, sometime, Sucks!


Harapnya, Ramadhan kali nie dpt menjadikan kita insan yg lebih tabah dan sabar..
Menjadikan kita manusia yg lebih kuat. Kuat dari segi mental. Lemah fizikal, mudah mencari penawarnye tapi lemah mental, tiada yg faham dan mengerti.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


My weekend is in Puncak Alam this week. Spent the whole day, saturday and sunday (half day) attended this compulsory program. I can guarantee majority or perhaps 95% attend this program to avoid them facing Raja Suzana...ngeh..ngeh..=P But the good thing is, I love PPKP! This PPKP...don't laugh.. I like the input, the topic that they are trying to foster in students and they tried to change the perception, mindset of students regarding few matters. I love Mz.Azura too!

Normally, you can't avoid all these saying...

" Eleh, sekejap jela kau berubah, lps tu sama je.."
" Dorang nie tak abis2 topic yg sama, mcm ar student x reti nk bljr.."

Ekin's right. You have a good point there. Orang melayu mmg mcm ni ke? Prejudice? Discrimination? Tipulah kalo aku sendiri tak pnh ada fikiran yg cmtu, but then, kalo kita sedar, kita ubah. Don't limit yourself to make a changes which is make you a better person. Yes, it might be difficult to adapt to the new enviroment, to new 'you' but you never know the result, the effectiveness unless you give it a try. No pain no gain. Cliche but that's how you learn. Either you realize or not, all the bad thought on your mind, if you try to change it, it will impress you when it turn to something great or good. If vice versa, nvm, slowly take it that as a phase or learning. We just human being. So many flaws. We are not perfect. We can't be anyone else, but we can be a better person.

Yesterday I'd say, I had a great Saturday though Im fucking exhausted due to lack of energy. Slept at 5'oclock on friday, woke up at 830. Late half an hour for "ceramah session". Luckily Raja Suzana is not there when we arrived. Haha.LDK start at 1030 - 400. As usual introduce yourself is the part which I hate the most. Aku tak ckp popular lg ke? Hahahaha..Lalala~

Without I noticing, I think I had talent to be a good a actress. Hahaha. Usher, what do you think? Hehe.
We need to do activity wic called, 'role play' and the topic is about culture in Malaysia. Choose one state and tell whatever that you know about their culture to your audience. There you go, Datin Yana in the house. Im so damn funny ok?! Before that our group name Pluto! Wtf?! Haha. We chose Penang. So, aku jd Datin yg kaya. Rantai emas tu kebetulan Dila bwk, labuh spai dada ok? Handbag ak lak aritu color gold, sgt lah kebtln.
Talking craps, but I presumed the audience love it although it just only 4 mins. Dila mmg senget ar. Org duk ckp Penang, dia bleh lak tiba2 ckp Kelantan. Wakakaka. What a great experience. First time berlakon n btl2 m'hayati watak. Haha. Other groups nye performance pn not bad. Usher, ko mmg selamba ar. Org duk glk2, ko leh lek nyanyi lg. Neway, Usher is my new fren n he has blog. Welcome Usher. Your blog is so darn cool!

What else I learnt yesterday? Hmm..the strength character that you have. Despite 8 character that has been listed, I go for 'Berkualiti'. Berkualitikah? I am a quality person on earth. :) Cett! Im not full of myself. There are certain traits which I believe that's make me a quality person as well as priceless! Statement berani mati! So what? ;) Saya gadis melayu yg tipikal. I used to say that. Cause I know myself more than anyone else do.

Let's wrap up. I just wanna say, Im loving all the activities and sessions, new friends that I just knew it. Mereka sgt hebat dan ada kelebihan yg tersendiri. They are brave to voice out their opinion. Sharing experience, information. Good luck and let's pray for the best. I hope that so many good things will come and flourish you guys life!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beautiful Broken

There’s something in my heart which I’m going to tell. It’s about the feelings I have long kept well. It’s also about time to release my emotions.Your memories makes me feel empty, crazy and I wish we have the same point of view. *sigh*.. I still find hard to comprehend wut I felt towards you. Everything that you say seems to slip right away, everything that you do, makes my heart beat anew, the things I wish I could say, I can't spit out. I am worn out. I have no choice but accept the reality. Though it hurts, I have to face the truth. Someday, I know I will soon recover. From the heartaches I get, so don’t you bother. I will be over you, sooner or later. Time will come.

To love is to sacrifice.

Then she says te amo
then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away but let me go
My soul is crying, without asking why
I said te amo, wouldnt somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you
-Rihanna, Te Amo-

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 Words, 8 Letters

I'm sorry for being so emotional...
But knowing me, that's normal...

Tolong jangan buat I marah...
Ianya membuatkan I jd seorang yg teruk...
I cakap benda yg menyakitkan hati wpn...
I x bermaksud mcm tue...
In fact, I feel bad saying those words to you...
It's not easy to control your anger; serious.

I am sorry.

True friendship is a gift
So precious and so rare
Sometimes we take it for granted
Sometimes we do despair

Malam Gila

Let's talk something funny and happy.
Okay, since Dila da sehat nie, dia da kembali 'beraksi'.
Kami gelak dari kul 12 sampai 2 pagi...
Memang gile! Dengan aku2 sekali masuk air mlm td.
Hari-hari pun aku rasa aku masuk air..
Sebelum kul 12 tu mood aku slow sikit...
Mood paranoid time tu...
I really need to overcome this stupid feelings.
We started with kugiran 60'an...
Slow down jap ngan lagu laluna..
Then buat video klip lagu terlanjur cinta...
Di teruskan lagi dengan rock & punk.
Gitar dan rambut memainkan peranan.
Meen can't stop laughing.
Sampai keluar airmata tue...
Apa kena tah semalam...pd hal esk ada quiz..
Senang hati...bergumbira tepuk tangan ramai2.
Video terlalu 'esklusif' tuk di upload...
Tiada aksi 18sx tp tdk sesuai tuk tayangan umum.

Diam kejap. Berehat.
Ingatkan dah xde lagi gelak ketawa tp...
Boleh sambung
Tak buat show dah...
K'org msk air tang lain plak.. nk jd lah..
That's life...
Banyak ketawa pun x bgs sgt...hati mati...
Tapi biar ketawa dari menangis...=))


Ya allah...sabarkan lah hati aku nie..
Kalau ikutkan hati yg tgh mrh sgt ni, xtau nk ckp lah...
Ikut hati mati, so secara yg terbaik, diam tp still tak boleh
nak tahan rasa marah yg tgh bergelodak dlm jiwa nie..
Istigfar byk2 Yana...
Aku nak jadi manusia yg kuat, yg mampu menahan rasa marah.
Tapi kita hidup dijadikan dengan perasaan dan emosi, kadang2 tu
tak mampu nak lawan.. But I try to control my emotion.
Take a deep breath. That's the way girl.

Hey 'yg disana'..knp la suka sgt menguji kesabaran I?
Dan kenapalah setiap kali I kena terima apa aje yg you buat?
I pun ada hati dan perasaan.
Ada ketikanya I tak mampu nak bersabar dengan you ni...
Dan I xtau kenapa I perlu bersabar melayan sikap you yg sgt lah
menyakitkan hati...
Pada you benda tu xde lah besar mana pun dan x perlu nak di perbesar2 kan
Tapi, you x penah nampak apa kesannya...
The effort? Time? Feelings?
You always make things complicated. You know that!

Enuff said. I'm sorry though I'm not the one who suppose to say this. End.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Im 'home'. Sebelum blk td, byk kali jgk ma tny, "are sure are u ok?" " x dmm ke? ". Im not 100% in a good condition but im pretty well right now. So mom, don't worry, your princess know how to take care herself. (^_^). Let's start with this 'lucky girl' story. hehe.. In my previous post I did mentioned I don't seat for my quiz but I got news that night said that, "quiz x jd, next week". Yipee! What a 'wise' and great decision i've made that day! At times, my insticnt never go wrong. People might said, 'eleh, nasib je tu'. Say whatever that you wanna say. Another 'lucky' story is Modul. Rasa cam nk nangis pun ada bila d'org bitau, ari sabtu ad modul. Aku da kt Shah Alam, nk otw blk umah. Cam membuang masa dan tenaga sbb esk pagi kena blk puncak semula. Whatever uitm. Is not us who are not alert with the current info or news but please don't do things last minute. Yana, yana..syik nk slhkn orang lain je. But again, I received another good news. Modul x jadi! I loveeeeeeeeee to hear that.

Masih lagi orang suka bercerita ttg H1N1. Frankly speaking, I really hate this virus! It makes me paranoid and phobia! On saturday, I suddenly sick. I don't know what happen but I feel very weak. Ckp dgn ma nk g clinic check then she said, 'alah, dmm bese je tu..g mkn ubat'. Tapi paksa jgk dia bwk g clinic. 1001 rasa sblm nk spai clinic tu. Hmm...nasib baik doc ckp xde pape. Doctor tu sgt ensem ok?! Bilalah fenemena H1N1 ni nak berakhir. Tolonglah berhenti dari mereka/mencipta/membuat benda yang membunuh manusia!

Friday, August 7, 2009

No Surprise

I don't wanna take mandarin quiz. Noktah.
Sorry laoshi, but my body, my health condition
doesn't allow me to seat for the quiz.
I need to be pampered. Say whatever that you wanna say.
When i sick, im very spoilt.

Rindu muhaini.
Kena adakan "meeting".
Lots of things need to be discuss.

Im going home
To the place where I belong.
No more surprise.

Heart to Heart

To YOU. No one else.
I am truly sorry for being annoying
I'm sorry for enable to stop talking
I'm sorry I called you like 100 times!
I'm sorry I asked you the same question for like 2,3 times a day!
I'm sorry for being such a busy body, asking you silly question.
I'm sorry I tell you every single things that happen in my life
Kinda weird but I've no idea why is that.
If you were about to ask me, I'd say
I don't know. I just wanna tell you.
You're not my best listener.
While I'm talking, you talk to your friends.
You're not my best advisor.
But when you say things, even one sentence,
It brings a very deep meaning to me.
Though you're not the best person,
One thing I want you to know,
I don't wanna lose you!
This is the real me though I know, I annoys you so much.
How I wish I could stop from doing all that
I really wish I could.
Are you spell on me?
Just kidding.
Sorry..know you're not.

I just can’t comprehend
Why we’ve always turned our backs
On the helpless and the needy
While at life, like a treasure, they grasp

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Truth

The truth it can be hurtful but the truth is never wrong and those who cannot accept the truth mentally cannot grow strong. The truth can also be ruins, pain. Life is not an acting class, it's neither a fairytale. I'm trying to get my anger out. It's not the matter you're now turn to 'someone' else but this is the matter of love. Because we are friend for about a years, thats why I care so much about you. I failed to be your good friend. I do admit that but again I think at this age you should be more matured. Boleh menilai mana kaca mana permata. I don't want our friendship to finish, I still want it to be true but you went the wrong path. We tried to bring you back and start all over from the scratch but you act like you know what you're doing and "I am right". Sorry but you're not!

When you read this, it might sound like I'm writing to my boyfriend but this person I'm writting to is a friend of mine. A good friend of mine to be exact. For as long as i have known you, you've always been my friend but please, do love yourself first before you start love others. WE LOVE YOU more than you know pretty. Sayang seribu kali sayang. You seems so blind to see that.


You have friend.
That friend you called your kin
Should turn his/her back on you and dare to call you 'foe'
Do you forgive all faults or curse that friend to hell?
That's friendship anyway,a complex word indeed.

More not Less

I am getting stress with the connection and limited access here.
Holy crap! Cannot do my assignment since the line so bad and we cannot get the information from any other sources. Library not exist yet. Not at the moment. Arrrggghhhh! How im gonna finish up my asgmnt. I need to submit this friday. With this swine flu..really spoilt my mood to do anything.

Nak seribu daya, kalau dah xnk tu seribu,sejuta alasan..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Lots of troubles, but the world seems at peace. At least to me it does. Yet something feels off...maybe it is just my imagination, maybe I should just shrug if off, it feels as if something bad is coming,and ignoring it would be the best thing...right? What would you do...if you felt something coming,but it would ruin your good it worth it? What if something really was going to happen. You know that feeling....
When your heart beats in your throat? When you fear that its unnerving.And your mind begins to float? Is saving your good mood worth being unprepared when danger strikes..or are you just being paranoid?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


To my freaky and adorable friend, Dalila Salim,
Get well soon babe!
We missed 'YOU'..
Dunia k'org sepi tanpa aksi-aksi darimu...
Good to know that ur free from H1N1.
Though you have all the symptoms.
Kalo ko bebas, k'org gak yg selamat. Haha. Kidding.
We need to postponed the vacation..nvm.
Biarlah semua tenang dan selamat dulu.


Haih! Marah sgt hati skrg! Sometimes, well I think most of the time, UiTM not that really 'di hatiku'... Policies dorang ni kdg2 cm **** gile! Ingat k'org nie mutant ke? Kalau nk compare cara belajar zmn tun razak gn skrg mmg la jauh bezanya tp tu dulu. Nowadays, things changed! The exact number of stairs not 384 but 218. Aku kira kot gn dyla. Tak puas hati pny psl. 384 tu tangga 16 tgkt kt fakulti. NO more buses provide for students. Wut the heck?! Fine aku g clas nek keta tp kdg2 aku naik tangga jgk. Xde ar berlagak sgtkn? Tapi cmne gn yg xde keta tu? Yg tak larat nk naik tangga tu. Aku yg sehat, yg slim ni pn mengah, semput naik tangga, apetah lagi la yg bermasalah?

Puasa tak lama je lagi. UiTM nak produce 'model' ke? Ni yg rs nk jd mpp ni... tak paham la kdg2 gn dorang sume nie. Kasihanilah kami ni sket. Hmm..nak tulis lebey2 kang takut kena ban plak. Till next post.