Sunday, May 3, 2009

Make a clean breast of a matter

Things that make me happy:

- My phone back to "normal". Thank you Nokia syg. You save my money. Im kayap already. Hahaha.

- One more paper to go. Yeay!

- Going home tomorrow after almost one month staying in Shah Alam. Miss abah, angah, adik alot! I just met mom last week. But of cuz i do missed you mom.

Things that make me sad:

- Nuqman will leave gonna miss youuuuuuuuuuuu! Sedeyyyy....

- I feel longing for someone. Unfortunately that person, won't realize everything that i've done or i felt towards him.. Hati batu kah dia?

- Still can't accept the fact that we gonna move to Puncak Alam next semester! Back to "Hutan Jengka Junior". No entertainment. Boring!

Things that happen today:

- Guess what everybody, for the first time in my life i've never done this 'shit' things, im seating for final exam without taking my shower! Can you guys imagine that? No kidding. This is serious matter. Woke up at 815 am..paper at 900 am..Thank God for wake me up. The worst things is, my phone is silent. 4 missed call from Min n Ajim. Promise to myself, this is the first and the last time. For 3 hours, rs diri cm kambing..hahaha..

- My "ABC" is coming. Feeling dizzy and back pain. Taking my painkiller, as usual..and it's work very fast. Yeah, i know the long term effect but what else i can do?


  1. tak sempat ke nak mandi?
    awal lg kn?

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  3. mmg x smpt!
    mandi je da 10 min..make up lg..
    bkn la nk pki eye liner ke blusher ke..yg simple2 jela..exam je pn tp..mmg x smpt la..
    membe lak da tggu kt bwh 'buat' pe yg wajib jela..
    lg satu, bgn lmbt kalo kt shah alam ni, it's disaster ok? lg2 kalo dpt lecturer yg jam lg, parking lg..It's a big NO.