Sunday, August 16, 2009


My weekend is in Puncak Alam this week. Spent the whole day, saturday and sunday (half day) attended this compulsory program. I can guarantee majority or perhaps 95% attend this program to avoid them facing Raja Suzana...ngeh..ngeh..=P But the good thing is, I love PPKP! This PPKP...don't laugh.. I like the input, the topic that they are trying to foster in students and they tried to change the perception, mindset of students regarding few matters. I love Mz.Azura too!

Normally, you can't avoid all these saying...

" Eleh, sekejap jela kau berubah, lps tu sama je.."
" Dorang nie tak abis2 topic yg sama, mcm ar student x reti nk bljr.."

Ekin's right. You have a good point there. Orang melayu mmg mcm ni ke? Prejudice? Discrimination? Tipulah kalo aku sendiri tak pnh ada fikiran yg cmtu, but then, kalo kita sedar, kita ubah. Don't limit yourself to make a changes which is make you a better person. Yes, it might be difficult to adapt to the new enviroment, to new 'you' but you never know the result, the effectiveness unless you give it a try. No pain no gain. Cliche but that's how you learn. Either you realize or not, all the bad thought on your mind, if you try to change it, it will impress you when it turn to something great or good. If vice versa, nvm, slowly take it that as a phase or learning. We just human being. So many flaws. We are not perfect. We can't be anyone else, but we can be a better person.

Yesterday I'd say, I had a great Saturday though Im fucking exhausted due to lack of energy. Slept at 5'oclock on friday, woke up at 830. Late half an hour for "ceramah session". Luckily Raja Suzana is not there when we arrived. Haha.LDK start at 1030 - 400. As usual introduce yourself is the part which I hate the most. Aku tak ckp popular lg ke? Hahahaha..Lalala~

Without I noticing, I think I had talent to be a good a actress. Hahaha. Usher, what do you think? Hehe.
We need to do activity wic called, 'role play' and the topic is about culture in Malaysia. Choose one state and tell whatever that you know about their culture to your audience. There you go, Datin Yana in the house. Im so damn funny ok?! Before that our group name Pluto! Wtf?! Haha. We chose Penang. So, aku jd Datin yg kaya. Rantai emas tu kebetulan Dila bwk, labuh spai dada ok? Handbag ak lak aritu color gold, sgt lah kebtln.
Talking craps, but I presumed the audience love it although it just only 4 mins. Dila mmg senget ar. Org duk ckp Penang, dia bleh lak tiba2 ckp Kelantan. Wakakaka. What a great experience. First time berlakon n btl2 m'hayati watak. Haha. Other groups nye performance pn not bad. Usher, ko mmg selamba ar. Org duk glk2, ko leh lek nyanyi lg. Neway, Usher is my new fren n he has blog. Welcome Usher. Your blog is so darn cool!

What else I learnt yesterday? Hmm..the strength character that you have. Despite 8 character that has been listed, I go for 'Berkualiti'. Berkualitikah? I am a quality person on earth. :) Cett! Im not full of myself. There are certain traits which I believe that's make me a quality person as well as priceless! Statement berani mati! So what? ;) Saya gadis melayu yg tipikal. I used to say that. Cause I know myself more than anyone else do.

Let's wrap up. I just wanna say, Im loving all the activities and sessions, new friends that I just knew it. Mereka sgt hebat dan ada kelebihan yg tersendiri. They are brave to voice out their opinion. Sharing experience, information. Good luck and let's pray for the best. I hope that so many good things will come and flourish you guys life!



  1. mesti org yang bernama usher tu seorang yang bijak kan kan kan kan..

    apapun modul kali ni berjaya menonjolkan jiwa2 rebel semua ahlinya..peace

  2. haha...
    if u really smart then keep it up.

    hmm..act, not rebel but ur brave cuz u want ppl to respect u.

  3. you are on the right path, artis.

    yeah, i can tell both of u are natural. :)

  4. haha...
    thank you so much!

    natural beauty ke natural disaster?

  5. glad to see that u wrote in english. kudos!

    but keep up your grammar :)

  6. thank you anonymous...

    my weakness but will improve.