Friday, August 7, 2009

Heart to Heart

To YOU. No one else.
I am truly sorry for being annoying
I'm sorry for enable to stop talking
I'm sorry I called you like 100 times!
I'm sorry I asked you the same question for like 2,3 times a day!
I'm sorry for being such a busy body, asking you silly question.
I'm sorry I tell you every single things that happen in my life
Kinda weird but I've no idea why is that.
If you were about to ask me, I'd say
I don't know. I just wanna tell you.
You're not my best listener.
While I'm talking, you talk to your friends.
You're not my best advisor.
But when you say things, even one sentence,
It brings a very deep meaning to me.
Though you're not the best person,
One thing I want you to know,
I don't wanna lose you!
This is the real me though I know, I annoys you so much.
How I wish I could stop from doing all that
I really wish I could.
Are you spell on me?
Just kidding.
Sorry..know you're not.

I just can’t comprehend
Why we’ve always turned our backs
On the helpless and the needy
While at life, like a treasure, they grasp


  1. his a lucky guy..
    i know u deserve better yana.

  2. helo! helo!
    spe ni?
    do i know u?
    neway thanks.