Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sexy. Hot. Naughty.

How can I describe this hot and chicky lass? She's absolutely awesome and talented in making everyone laughing! Without her presence, world seemed to be empty - for us. Once she start her "engine" and turn to be so hyper active, we will definitely throw head back in the air and laughs! Her fun and hilarious character, always cheer we up.. Nordalila, u might be another MJ someday..I meant, without you, things will utterly being different. Too much huh? Nevermind, if I praise others you will always complain with those 'ayat pasrah' if that I never treat you well girl. But you know I am not that type of friends.;))

I love you...Keep that in mind. I might not give you any gift or bufday card, but to forget you, is the last thing I'd do. Hidup Perkayuan! hahahhahaha..Kalau suka, cakap suka. Lalala~

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