Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Married

Congratulations to Izyana and Norman. Both of you looks sooooooooo lovely and stunning. Though with not that close, not at all, but Im happy for both of you. Hey, Izy, your hubby so damn hot! Hahaha.. Suits you.. Macam pinang dibelah-belah. Hehe. Here are some gentle words of advice.Talk things out. Yet, be precise. Always be the first to say you're sorry. Work on the love you share today. Then, it will always be there. Remember, this love can't be found elsewhere. So love, laugh. Have fun and grow old. Live life to the fullest. Hold on to your dreams and always remember, that life together is the key.

Candid! Romantic! love.



Im yours.

Saat yg gementar bg setiap yg bergelar isteri.

Norman x sbr btl nk tgk Izy..=)

Along n jojo

Nak kawin juge...
Tp dgn siapa...

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