Friday, June 12, 2009


Hola!Firstly, congrats to all ma frens esp to those who get flying colors result yesterday. Zahid's right, it's really 'kill' everyone nerve. Haha. My result? Hahaha...can i say it miracle that i manage to get 3 pointer n above? Hell yeah! Degree it's very tough but not that difficult if you really focus and serious about ur study. Im blaming myself rather than other hidden factors which affect my studies and result. Byk sgt main tu la akibat nye..the key to success is you have to be serious, serious and serious with whatever that you do! Pada yg x dpt 3 pointer tu, chill syg! I know all of my frens can do better for this coming semester. And I promise to myself as well, I'll do my best to be in a DL next sem. Aminnnnnnnnnnnnn... Jom meramaikan lagi senarai anugerah dekan sem dpn..

Tahniah untuk Zahid, Mud, Pa'an dan semua yg dpt dekan tue...brilliant! And zahid, I hope I'll see you wearing 'selempang' konvo bln 12 nnt. Nnt i dtg bwk pasu bunga tuk u..hahaha..Jumpa you dan kwn2 you kt Shah Alam nnt ok? The best DPIM batch ever..kot..haha..

My babes, she, dyla, fai, meen and pay...and ajim?? Korang ttp yg know that right? Kadang-kadang keputusan yg cemerlang x ckp tuk buktikan yg kita ni mmg genius. Pandai atas kertas je buat ape kn? Korang genius bab lain..o_O.. lalala~ Lotsa love syg2 semua..

I see when you I see you...


  1. thank you very much. long way to go.
    same goes to u, congratulations! all the best for the coming semester..

    uh, ayat skema, tp cam tu laa..haha. ;)

  2. u mmg bkn skema ke za8?
    neway thanks..