Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SWEET 22! j'voux anniversaire a vou


Yeay! Yana ur already 22. Make a wish girl. Today im holding a big responsibility which need to me to be well prepared for my proposal presentation in front of all the deans. Alhamdulillah, things going smoothly. Proposal approved by the Top Management. But da sweetest things happened today not jus approval of proposal also my classmates! They bought da cake for the panels but at da same time, da cake is for me too...hehe..full of myself..nvm. After da presentation, Ms.hazira lead the 'choir' sang bufday song for me. That's so sweet...I almost cried.. exaggerating. hehe..dyla n pay play with da cake..i hate tat part! No bullying for bufday girl plzzz..haha..boring!

But last nite, i dunno why i felt so sad, sensitive..mb some of my close frens, my best fren forgot my bufday. For me, i DO care bout this matter. They shudn't forget. Only once a year. Tu pn ssh nk kol wish skjp. Just a simple wish you can make ur frens day! It's not that difficult to make ppl happy. There is always a way. My mom definitely won't wait till 12 o'clock just to wish me, "Happy Bufday syg". 10 o'clock she already off to bed. But i received msg from her this morning..

"Hapi Bufday sayang..moga berjaya dunia akhirat"

Thanks ma..n followed by abah but i can guarantee mom da one who remind him..if not abah won't remember...=( It's ok..acceptable. Abah said...

"Happy b.day SEMOGA MAJU JAYA. I luv U.."

Yeah..i love u too abah but ur wishes so typical la abah..im not taking final exam yet.. To those who remembered and wish, thank you so much! I still keep few messages from u guys.. Big hug to Faiq. His da first person wish me! Can't believe it but yes it is. I thot he forget bcuz he seems doesn't know my bufday..sorry dude take you for granted. I am not. Majuk je gn ko. To wanie (faiq), fai, dyla, meen, rachel, imran, nuqman, adik, epul, afif, she, waniey, za8...tq n i love you! To those i not mentioned here, im sorry..i do keep u in my heart. Special appreciation goes to Meen n Dyla. They bought me a cupcake. Only one but it so cute n very meaningful. Thank You! Muaxxxx!

"Fatal Attraction" from Cupcake Chic.

Yeah...blow da candle yana!

p/s: The photo was taken after i woke up..hehe..tu yg cm lemau sket..hehe..