Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday went to SACC Mall..lunch at Pizza Hut..bkn men lg..but i like! I missed 'abg pizza'..I saw him..sooooooooooooooooo cute! Kalo x mkn pn bleh kenyang tgk muka dia je..hahaha...gile!! Kami,ajim n dyla...first time ak complain's not about food's about milo! Im very fussy when it comes to MILO. Milo is my fav drink..Dulu, kini dan's sounds a lil bit weird when u go to pizza hut, drink i care..this is my second time..milo at JJ Bkt Tinggi, luscious! But here in Sacc Mall it taste like hell! I asked for Milo Ice, but they gave me Milo suam2 kuku..hello! dun spoilt my day. I asked da trainee to make a new one. This time..ok ttp x menepati piawaian yg ak da nk tkr2 lg..kesian kt trainee tu..his so kind..another one about pizza hut in Sacc Mall is, their services is too slow..Hmm...complainer..but we have right to speak up. We pay for da food. So, don't afraid to voice out if you dun feel good bout it.

Minum milo anda jd sehat dan kuat! yeah!


  1. ko mmg hantu milo kott. gemuk tak gak! haha.

    btw ko dpt award yang :)

  2. hahaha..siot..
    ntah la..ak pn x phm gn hormon dlm bdn ak..
    award pe syg?