Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Love Questionnaire

Q: Are You in Love?
Ans: I dunno..the one that i love keep make my love for him faded day by so sad.

Q: Who was your first love?
Ans: Can't recall.Next question plz..tq.

Q: What's the most embarrassing thing you've done for love?
Ans: Tough question.Hmm..I dun feel like telling you..sorry.

Q: Have you ever written a love letter?
Ans: Haha..yeah. Not once, not twice..more than that..back to old-style..

Q: What turns you off a boy?
Ans: Immature!! When they never learn to appreciate you, they cant accept u for who u are..

Q: Would you ever be unfaithful?
Ans: Depends. Haha..of cuz no. Stick to da one..but sumtimes ur partner being unfaithful to u, then how wud u feel?

Q: What's your most romantic experience?
Ans: Received a flower, i guess..haha..hmm..walking from Puduraya to Bukit Bintang wit ma ex.

Q: Do you remember your first kiss?
Ans: Hahahahahaha..nope.

Q: Do a lot of boys ask you out?
Ans: Not a lot but few of them.

Q: Who's your ideal man?
Ans: Sumone like 'abg pizza'.. his damn gorgeous dude! Basically, im looking for an ordinary guy.. No special features.haha.

Q: Do you think girls should ask boys out?
Ans: Yeah, why not. If you really like someone you should go for it. Girls asking boys out is no big deal.

Q: Are you a jealous type?
Ans: Yep!

Q: Are you in relationship with someone?
Ans: At the moment? Nope.

Q: What is your love song?
Ans: Hmm..i can't list all my fav love songs..i love We Belong Together, Mariah Carey, The Way You Make Me Feel, Ronan Keating, What If, Kate Winslet, Pupus, Dewa..and many more..But currently im listening to Katy Pery's, Thinking of You! Can't stop listening to her song. It so meaningful.


  1. hmm...
    Jeles ke?
    ssh ni..hehe

  2. spe la yg komen ni ye...
    jeles bertmpt la..xde la cemburu buta..