Thursday, March 26, 2009

Under The Weather

Fever again.sore medicine.thot that im so strong hah??I am NOT! My body temperature almost 38' told me to take supplementary,vitamin,blalalala...medicine is one of my BIGGEST enemy in this always said, "ak xtau la korang ni da beranak nnt cmne.kena minum air akar kayu,air kunyit and bla la la..." and my fav answer, "ala ma ms tu nnt sume da jd pil,telan jela". Even in future they change it into capsule, i don't think that i will eat. Im not scared of medicine just indolent to take it seriously.Fever je pun.But when it comes to inner beauty, i need to think a MUST! It is very IMPORTANT for a women to heed about their inner self. Well ma,i wish i cud do as you are told n taught. It's a lil bit hard for me to adhere to it.hehe..hmm my beautiful voice sounds nasal now...hahaha..full of i care! Flu pill make me felt sooo sleepy. stop here.later. daaaaaaaaaa....

Oyasuminasai....good nite everybody..=))


  1. your post is hard to read, the dark blue background doesn't fit well with the black font.

    heh, your voice sounds very man, btw. haha.

  2. lalalalalala~

    i know...lg macho dr suara u kn?

  3. yeah...
    semggu gak i jd 'jantan'...
    tension tol..