Wednesday, April 29, 2009


WE gonna miss you dude!
WE never thought that we gonna lose you...
WE gonna miss your joke..hehe...your kelantan slang always make me laugh..
WE may be reluctant to let you go from Ombak but WE have too...
No more gossips between you and Syafa..hehe..
WE can't tease you anymore...
You are smart, funny and kind
But always remember that those you love
Will always be there by your side
Never forget the place you learned
The place of great friendship
Take care anip...
WE always love you..
Lotsa of LOVE from OMBAK..
Keep in touch
Now fly,
Fly off for your destiny a wait..
Anip's message before he going back to kelantan,
"Balik dulu kawan2..baru grak ni dari puchong..tayar pecah balik..
adui..doakan kami sume selamat spai..n doakan kaki ni cepat sembuh
yer..thanks for everything..nanti jumpe lagi..."
(27/04/09, 9:39 pg)

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