Monday, March 16, 2009


Even though i am alone, I believe I can make it. Thru all this pain I am going thru...People brings me down by saying lots of things. It hurts me so bad, but I let them say what they want to say. Some words hurts me more than others. Especially when they are coming from friends. They think i don't know, but I know it all. They make up lies about me. There's only a few friends of mine that encourage me thru thick and thin. I will always be thankful having these friends but I might have to get rid of some of them at the end. But I will remember them in my heart, my soul and in my mind.


  1. Smile and theres nothing you cant overcome.

    The people talk, and there are rumours. This world is filled with hatred and evil, but as well with wunderful joy and pure souls which are indeed hard to find. What is important is, that you find the ones, beloved ones who cheer you up in any hour, the ones who make life worth living a while and are always by your side.
    Dont worry, be happy.

    The Raven~

  2. hey,
    thanks alot...
    it does touch me...