Saturday, March 14, 2009


Someone dedicated this poem to me...let's read..interesting...=)

Girls...they are beautiful
Girls...they are nice
Girls...they are sensitive
But girls, I dun understand you
If i say ur beautiful, u'll say u're not
If i say someone else is beautiful, u'll get jelaous
If i say ur weak,u'll say ur strong
If i treat u rough,u'll scream "I'm a lady"
If i say u can cook well, u'll deny that
If i say u can't cook, u'll get mad
If i help u,u'll say i wooing u
If i don't, u'll say i dun care
If i call u, u'll say i'm bothering u
If i don't, u'll say im not bothered
If i kiss u, u'll say im taking advantage
If i don't, u' ll say im not romantic
If i remember, u'll say it's nothing
If i don't, u'll complain without stopping..and much,much more...
And lastly...
If i say I LOVE YOU, u'll never give me ur answer
If i don't, i'd better watch out
Girls, i dun undestand you
But without u, i dun know how life wud be..

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