Thursday, January 28, 2010

Man of The Night

"Wayne Rooney's dramatic stoppage-time header sent Manchester United into the Carling Cup final and wrecked Manchester City's hopes of reaching a first major Wembley showpiece in 29 years."

Terjaga pukul 6 pagi, ada 4 msg dan slh satunya, put big SMILE on my face. Thanks Amer Omar for updating your status...taktau plak fan That news really make my day! And I am more than happy. Tevez deserved this! Last week he humiliated Neville and MU in front of MC fan, and it's your turn to receive what you give. You play you pay. Big L. Fergie always make a right decision by letting you go.

Rooney once again become a hero. It is a team effort I presume since I don't watch the game so I can't comment more on that. But look at Rooney's performance rig
ht now, he is in the right track to prove that he is a world class player. No wonder why Ronaldo really want him to join Real. Actually, both of them ada chemistry yg baik. Berbatov much better than Owen. I mean the combination with Rooney. Kalau tgk skrg, Rooney biasa diletakkan sorang-sorang kt dpn...walaupun dia selalu digandingkn dgn Owen, Berbatov tapi keserasian antara mereka kurang. Tak bagus tuk MU sbnrnya. We now seems to be like Liverfool, they are relying to much on Torres and Gerrard. See what happen to their club? Are they survive? MU kekurangan striker..not like Arsenal and Chelsea.Even without Drogba, they still can win. And I hate that. Hahaha. Can't deny the fact that they really strong at the moment. Tapi MU akan berjuang hingga titisan peluh yg terakhir. Takkan MU hilang dr EPL.

Back to Carling Cup...though it is not prestige as EPL or Champions League but still it does bring a significant meaning to the team who win the cup. Let's wait one month from now, the final between Man Utd vs Aston Villa. I bet it gonna be an awesome match to watch. I am not good at writing. I prefer to talk than writing. Idea tu ada tp tak pandai nak mengolah idea tu. Tapi nak ada blog. Hahaha. Practice make perfect isn't?

United's Man.;)

MAN UTD vs ARSENAL (31/01/10)
prediction anyone? =)

p/s: Naz, jgn predict lebih2..haha..

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