Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is it for real?

When you love someone, you give no matter what and you allow. You allow for their shortcomings, their mistakes, their flaws and you try to give them what they want or need. But don't play games with their heart. Never tell them that you love them and then leave. True, feelings can't be coerce or force but yet it is not something you can play with. Don't say not even one words if you don't mean it. It is really hurts . We can hide the pain that we feel and make others believe that we can move on but we can never deny the truth to ourselves that the person who has failed us and hurt us is still the person we'll always choose to love. BS! but that is reality.

People often feel something but express something else. They mean something but say something else. Hey, learn the art of saying nothing in such a way that it leaves nothing unsaid. By doing that, you'll less hurting people in a very rude way and using inappropriate words. Cliche yet it so much true that we love to do things which we are not suppose to do. Why? Fitrah that the only answer we can figure out? For real or not...hmm...Lu pikir lah sendiri.

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