Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't mess with me.

Never thought of being the class rep but thanks to 'those' yg petik nama saya tu...=)). It might sounds easy for some of you but for me, in this world nothing is easy and simple unless you are the type of person that always take things easy and for granted. We need to work on it and manage it to ensure it will go smoothly..took the challenge not because I am an ego person but being optimist this is just a simple job. Organize it then you will be fine. So far so good. There are few things which really need me to be very patience when dealings with matters which hard to make a decision. I can't please everybody so please understand. I am only doing my job. Don't bring up an issues which is not important at all. So immature.

We are no longer high school students. Be open minded. Stop being sooooo sarcastic and cynical! That kind of attitude we use it when it is necessary. Get a life. For those who read this and feel offended, big apology from me.

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