Monday, November 16, 2009's holiday!

Setelah berminggu-minggu mengabaikan que sera sera,
Yana kembali menulis...
Blog tak sehat mcm tuan nye jugak..
Maaflah blogger2 sekalian...
Alhamdullilah, berjaya menamatkan semester 3 dgn jayanya walaupun
last paper agak mengecewakan kerana faktor-faktor kesihatan tp dah lepas pn.
Kalau meraung pun bukan boleh dpt markah tambahan..
Im wonder what im gonna get for my risk paper...
im doing only for one hour and leave the hall.

Target tuk sem ni, harap dpt maintain 3 pointer lagi lah..
this semester is quite tough.
Senior-senior pn ramai ckp sem 3,
byk menjatuhkan pointer but being optimist,
I think not that bad. it just the matter, you want do it better or going down.
Again, its all up to you.
Only you can make a difference.
blaming other things won't make you a better person.
I always do that, my fault but accused people for making things worse for me..
Haih..i am sorry. im just human being.
Dun wanna admit my own mistakes.
Stayed at college from da first paper till my last paper. good. hehe..

Thanks to fairuz for being a gud accompany for me dear tho
you did make my head spinning with ur goreng pisang and sundae chocolate..
and of cuz..your Mr.M..
Thanks for the yam ice cream. super delicious!
You almost gave me heart attack with ur sudden ashtma attack fairuz!
Luckily ur doin okay...kalau tak dgn aku2 sekali dapat asma.
Tu semua gara-gara penangan aiskrim la.
Dah tau sejuk, mkn lagi aiskrim.
Take a good care of yourself during this sem break. Gonna miss you!

She, ana mintak maaf sgt tak dpt teman she...
Im 'rushing' on 12th know why kn syg?? hehe..
because of him, i left everyone without saying anything..
Ana bkn nk lebihkan sape2..byk hati nk kena jaga..
Sorry kalo terabaikan perasaan kwn2 sendiri sbb org lain.
ana tgh mood terkejut time tue..hahaha..
Hugs and kisses to you darl! mmuuaahh!

I finally finished pack all my belongings and leave puncak alam...
Again, wanna apologize to noor shahidah.
I didn't meant to be selfish but knowing my dad, he hate to wait!
thank you so much for helping me to settle my clearance.
I can't never thank you enuff pretty. You're my great fren ever.
Let's them talk bad about you, you know I will never let you alone.
Love you.;))

~tekanan perasaan dgn org-org yg tak boleh nak belajar menunggu nie~

~painkiller did healed my headache yet it gonna 'kill' my body slowly~

kegilaan kami menghadapi exam..hehe.

Bro Azizul...ex lecturer..masih gile spt dulu.

Aiskrim yg membuatkn fairuz asma.

operasi mencari goreng pisang.

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