Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Good friends always make life seem so much easier and better. In our busy lives, at times when you feel bogged down and isolated, it is your friends who come through or what makes a good friend?

Complete acceptance is one of the key elements in any human relationship. In case you are a good friend, you need to completely accept your friend with his/her flaws. Friendship is all about the knowing and accepting people as they are. One of the biggest test of friendship is the Dependability of a friend. Whether it is about keeping a secret, or whether it is about taking help in an emergency ?dependability is definitely an important ingredient in the friendship.

Togetherness is one of the most beautiful aspects of friendship. No matter what friends always stick together! Be it one of the dullest days of your life while you are killing time doing absolutely nothing, or one of the toughest battles of life or be it one of your most memorable moments in life like your graduation or your birthday ?friends are always with you no matter what! Unconditional support and encouragement is one of the things which friends have. Even when your friend thinks you are wrong, he/she will first try and convince you, but if that fails, rest assured that no matter which way you choose, true friends are always two steps behind!
If you look hideous in that gaudy dress you bought last week ?a true friend will always tell you so! Honesty is indispensable in any relationship. True friends who never hesitate to speak up their minds, are ready to give you a taste of the bitter truth ?but they either sugar coat it ?or help you cope with it! Often there comes a time when two friends are competing for the same thing ?at times like these ?a true friend will never get jealous but will never let a competition affect your friendship.

Often when you are feeling low or depressed, you will never have to explain it to your friend that you are feeling low. A true friend knows when you are upset. Understanding without words what is the ultimate level of good friendship. To be a good friend you need to have patience to understand your friend inside out. The mood swings, sign language, codes ?friends know it all! Friends are all this and much more friends are a helping hand, a comforting shoulder to lean on, a patient ear to listen to you and most important a warm and loving hug to embrace you!

rindu yg baju kuning tu wpn selalu menyakitkn hati.=P

memori yg tak mungkin dilupakan...='(

hawt babes!

bila mau karaoke lg nie???

si tembam muhaini, kangen deh..

my skulmates...kangen jua...

~ cherish every minute, second...you'll miss it~


  1. mcm penah ku baca post ko ini di somewhere..

  2. my dear, as i said sharing is caring...
    this is not mine lar...