Monday, November 2, 2009

Opss! I did it again!

Ingatkan bila dah jadi student degree ni, perangai makin elok ler...
Sometimes I wonder, am I really turn to be problematic student?
Yana...yana...what is in ur head?

Im done with my first paper. Ethics. I feel bad and disappointed.
Bayang A dah jauh dr genggaman. Tapi tetap mengharapkan

keajaiban berlaku. Mungkinkah?

Semalam, Puan Tini call.
Tak terkejut pun. Rasa kelakar adalah.
This is second time lecturer call time nk exam.
Last semester, Ustazah call.

Apa sajalah perangai bdk2 degree nie...
I did it again! Apa yg aku buat? Biarlah menjadi rahsia.
Kenakalan yg boleh mengundang kejatuhan pointer.

Get ready for my next paper which I really 'love' it. Calculation will never ever gonna be my favourite things to do. It just not my field at all. Try my best to be positive. Nothing is impossible. There's a will there's a way. Cliche but true.

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