Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sepetang Bersama Dekan

5th February 2010

Quick update.
It's friday and Im here at Puncak Alam. Suppose Im at home. Spending my precious time with loved ones but I've another responsibility being a student which need me to stay. Nevermind, mid sem break just around the corner. What a biggy staying here isn't it? (Konon, pd hal sedey)

Jadi usher lagi..dan lagi..dan lagi. So what? Nampak senang tp percayalah bkn mudah. Seronok jd usher. Close to VIP. ;) Thanks to Mz. Ira for always giving us an opportunity to participate in any event. Never forget about us. We, ombakians appreciate your works, your thoughts...


Mz. Ira and the beauties...;)

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  1. buleh tahan malas nak update blog budak ni ehh...hahahaha.

    tau kamu busy with exam bagai..all the best.